What Is Happening

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Visit our Latest News page for urgent information published March 17, 2019!

We at DowntownDavis.org are asking the Davis City Council to reconsider and rescind its decision to put parking meters on the streets and public lots downtown. The city’s plan is to tax existing spaces without adding a single new space. We strongly believe this “solution” of the city’s is far worse than any current problem!

The public is against it because people don’t want to pay extra every time they visit downtown and for the time they spend there.

Businesses are against it because the public is against it. If people don’t want to pay, meters will give them incentive to go to downtown less, spend less time there, and go somewhere else instead.

Davis Chamber of Commerce is against it because they understand that small businesses run on a narrow margin.  Frustrating people and adding more expense for patrons to shop downtown is detrimental to assisting small business survival.  Read the Chamber of Commerce’s official statement on paid parking here.

Landlords are against it because they are trying to rent spaces and need traffic to do this. Paid parking is certain to diminish and divert that traffic.

Neighboring residents are against it because they don’t want to absorb the overflow of cars looking for free parking.

Workers are against it because they don’t want extra taxes and tickets eating into their wages.

Low income drivers, seniors, students and political progressives are against it because paid parking is a regressive tax that disproportionately affects the poor and fixed income individuals.

The vast majority in, around and associated with Downtown Davis thinks paid parking is a bad idea. The Council seem to be the only ones for it. Why? They are looking at the tax revenue without proper consideration to the effect on the region. Encourage the Davis City Council to gain a holistic understanding and make the right economic and democratic decision by joining us – Offer To Help. More info can be found on our FAQ Page .

This involves us all so let’s all. Get involved and tell your friends!  Help us preserve the charm of the downtown we all care so much about. Thank you.


The following downtown businesses have come forward in opposition of additional paid parking:


Aggie Enterprises
Akasha Yoga
Avid Reader
Bayhill Advisors
Bizarro World
Carol LaPerle LMFT
Cloud Forest Cafe
Cookery and Company
Crème de la Crème
Crucial Vibes
David’s Haircutting
Davis Ace Hardware
Davis Dermatology
Dawn Coder CB Select RE
DCCNS Parent Cooperative Preschool
Dowling Properties
Duaine Worden
Elizabeth Middleton MFT
Ellen Cohen PHD
Fish’s Wild
Hastings Back Porch
Helen Krell PHD
The Hotdogger
Integrated Accounting Solutions
John Natsoulas Gallery
Kaya Yoga
Kobe Mini Mart
Laili Mcgrew LCSW
Law Office of Derraugh Dawson

Lawrence Shweky Psychotherapy
Lift Pilates + Post Rehab
Lori Prizmich and Associates
Luci’s Salon
Mahin’s Alterations
Mahnaz Kashani Stylist
Majestic Psychological Services
Mark Corey PHD
Melrina Maggiora
Nelson van Dissen Properties
Optical Phases
The Paint Chip
Pomegranate Salon
Ralph Hwang Property Management
Rebecca Brunette LCSW
Rebecca Witter LMFT
Roger Smith Properties
Samantha Marquette Cosmotologist
Sarah’s Alterations & Ecocleaners
Shu Shu’s
Simmons Real Estate
Skin Renewal Center
Smith Funeral Home
Soul Wisdom Therapy
Stacey Horigan
Teena Hosey LCSW
3+G Psychotherapy
Vivienne Roseby PHD
Volleys Tennis Shop
The Wardrobe
Wellness Way